Welcome to Doms Mattress Store

Hello folks, my name is Dominic Rivers, and I'm the owner here at Doms Mattress Store. First, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart; You took the time out of your day to visit our online mattress store.

Before the opening of our virtual doors, I worked for a local furniture shop as a customer service representative. It didn't take long before I fell in love with selling mattresses to the residents of the High Desert. I enjoyed providing people with the best solution for their sleep problems.

I quickly outgrew the company and opened a brick-and-mortar mattress place for myself. At least, that was my original plan, but John Lennon once said: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

My mattress idea faced a setback; I had little experience as a business owner, no money for investing, and the confidence of a mouse inside a snake cage.

The challenges I faced in my first year made me question if I was ready to be an entrepreneur or if I should return to working for an employer. Although I made less than minimum wage, the freedom I received from being self-employed was priceless, plus I had to finish what I had started.

Each year my mattress business grew more and more, and from 2019-2020, I earned the most revenue since starting. Unfortunately, it was due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and most of my competitors being temporarily closed. But once everything re-opened, I went back to my norm.

That lasted for about a year, now it's 2022, and the United States is facing the ramifications of printing money too fast. Of course, that led to higher gas prices, food, cost of living, and so forth. I'm not an expert in economics, but I'm pretty sure that could cause inflation.

So now consumers are stressed out and afraid to spend money on anything unless necessary. It was the most adversity I ever faced as a small business owner. I went days without a customer calling and weeks without a mattress sale.

Things became so bad that I contemplated closing my business permanently and applying for a regular job. It seemed like an easy way out, but I understood that if I quit now, I would never see what could've been, and it bothered me. So I kept the faith and prayed every day for wisdom.

It didn't happen overnight, but I felt like the Lord was telling me to keep going. So instead of me scrapping my mattress idea, I just removed the things that weren't working and focused on the things that were.

Fast forward to today, and here we are! A family-owned online mattress store; The company that provides high-quality beds, mattress foundations, and bedding accessories for the most affordable prices. We are Doms Mattress Store!


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