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Celebrate Easter With Doms Mattress Store: Specials All Month Long

VICTORVILLE, CALIFORNIA — As we approach the Easter season, Doms Mattress Store is excited to announce our Easter specials, celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. ✝️ Throughout the entire month, we are offering a special discount of 50% off on any mattress product purchased from our website at domsmattressstore.com.


Jesus And An African American Man Are Hugging, Celebrating Easter


Easter is a time of remembrance and gratitude for the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Just as Jesus rose on the third day, we want to help our customers rise to better sleep with our quality mattresses and products. This special offer is our way of extending the joy of Easter to our customers, allowing them to experience the comfort and support of a new mattress at an unbeatable price.

"At Doms Mattress Store, we believe in the power of restful sleep to transform lives," said Dominic Rivers, Owner at Doms Mattress Store. "This Easter, we invite our customers to experience the difference a great mattress can make in their lives, all while celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ."

To take advantage of this special Easter offer, simply visit our website at domsmattressstore.com and shop our wide selection of mattresses. No coupon code is needed, as the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. 🛒 Don't miss this opportunity to save big on a new mattress and experience the comfort and support that Doms Mattress Store is known for.

For more information about our Easter specials or to shop our products, visit domsmattressstore.com today.

About Doms Mattress Store: Doms Mattress Store is a leading online retailer of mattresses, box springs, and related products. We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve better sleep 🛌 by providing high-quality products at affordable prices. 💸


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