Which Mattress Is Best For Back Pain? Expert Advice

Which Mattress Is Best For Back Pain? Expert Advice

If you suffer from chronic back pain, getting the right mattress can make a huge difference. The mattress should provide support for the spine, evenly distribute body weight, and be comfortable enough to ensure that you sleep soundly through the night. Read on for expert advice and discover which mattress is best for back pain.

Know your sleep position

One of the most important things to consider when figuring out which mattress is best for back pain is your preferred sleep position. Different sleep positions will require different levels of support from the mattress. For instance, those who sleep on their side need a mattress that conforms to their body's shape and helps them maintain a neutral spine alignment, while back or stomach sleepers need firmer mattresses that offer more even weight distribution.

Investigate different types of mattresses

Before you can determine which mattress is best for your back pain, you will need to investigate the different types of mattresses available. Memory foam, innerspring, hybrids, and latex are all popular mattress materials that provide varying levels of comfort and support. Consider each type's benefits and drawbacks to help decide which option would be most suitable for alleviating your pain while also providing proper support.

Be aware of firmness levels and their effects

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With so many mattresses commanding different price points, firmness levels and other features, it can be tricky to determine the right choice for your back pain. Generally speaking, attempting a mattress that's too hard could increase stiffness in your spine while selecting one that's too soft may cause additional strain. Make sure to test out each mattress type in-store or online before buying to get an idea of the best firmness level for you.

Consider the materials inside your mattress

Pay attention to the materials used inside of your mattress as they can strongly impact the degree of support it offers. For those with back pain, gel memory foam mattresses are especially helpful as they mold to the shape of your body while cooling and supporting pressure points. Other beneficial materials include latex, innersprings and hybrid mattresses that combine several of these elements.

Pay attention to motion transfer, edge support and heat retention properties

While the material used in your mattress is important, pay attention to other features like motion transfer and heat retention. For couples or those that sleep with pets, look for a mattress with low motion transfer so you won't be disturbed by the movement of others. According to Amerisleep.com "Motion transfer means your tossing and turning can keep your partner awake. It also means you may bounce yourself awake if your mattress amplifies your own motion enough. This means even those sleeping alone may be bothered by motion transfer." Edge support helps add additional stability in your mattress so if you are used to sleeping at the edge of your bed, this can make all the difference. Lastly, heat retention properties ensures your body temperature will stay regulated as you sleep through the night reducing restlessness.


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