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Everything You Need To Know About Box Springs

Are you wondering if buying a box spring is worth it? Box springs provide mattress support and can improve the life of your mattress, as well as improve overall comfort. Read on to learn more about what box springs are and how they can benefit your sleep experience.

What are box springs?

Box springs are an important part of a mattress set as they provide additional support, increase longevity of the mattress and add height to the bed. Box springs come in two forms: a traditional box spring, which is composed of wooden slats covered with fabric and secured together with metal rods; or a low-profile foundation, which is constructed from wood and strong composite materials like particle board or plywood and is often designed for use with platform beds or sleigh beds.

Types of box springs

When it comes to box springs, there are several types available. The split box spring is a popular choice since it can be easily manipulated through doorways and up stairwells without causing scratches or dents on your floors and walls. One-piece box springs usually provide more stability than split versions, making them great for heavier mattresses. There are also low-profile box springs that sit closer to the floor for those who want a little extra height without the added bulk of a standard one.

How to choose the right box spring

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Choosing the right box spring for your mattress can play an important role in ensuring a strong and supportive structure. Make sure to measure the height of your existing mattress so you know the type of box spring you need. If you have an extra-thick mattress, look for a box spring with high clearance features that provide plenty of room for it. Also consider the quality of materials used, such as quality coils and steel wire that are more durable than other options. In addition, look out for zonal support structures and firm edges that are designed to help distribute weight evenly across all areas of the box spring to ensure maximum level support.

Do you need a box spring?

The simple answer is yes, you do need a box spring to enjoy maximum comfort while sleeping. A box spring is typically used with an innerspring mattress and helps maintain the shape of the mattress while providing extra support to decrease sleep disturbances due to excessive body movement. Besides adding comfort, a box spring can also help prolong the life of your mattress.

Benefits of using a box spring

Box springs provide optimal mattress support because they are specifically designed for the weight of your mattress. They also help to extend the life of your mattress as it absorbs some of the shock from any movements at night as well as protecting against wear and tear. Additionally, box springs can provide a comfortable lift and cushioning so you don't feel like you're sleeping on the floor and can experience less back pain if you choose a supportive and comfortable model.


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