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5 Tips To Finding The Perfect Mattress

Finding the right mattress can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it's hard to know what will work best for you. Here are 5 tips to help you find the perfect mattress that suits your needs and preferences.

1) Determine your sleeping position and personal preference

Knowing your sleep position and personal preferences can help you narrow down the selection of mattresses. Firm or soft? Memory foam, hybrid, or innerspring? Take note of your likes and dislikes before making a purchase. Your sleeping style also matters; stomach sleepers need firmer beds while side sleepers usually prefer softer mattresses. Consider all these factors when looking for the mattress that's just right for you.

2) Pay attention to mattress thickness and loft

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Mattress thickness varies from 8 to 18 inches, although thicker mattresses are more popular among consumers. Mattress height is also measured by loft, which refers to the general shape and feel of the mattress when laid flat. Higher loft mattresses can provide better support with its contoured design. Choose a thickness and loft that is comfortable for you after comparing different mattress types in the store.

3) Consider temperature regulation and material type

When searching for the ideal mattress, temperature regulation should also be taken into consideration. Different mattresses boast different temperatures, with memory foam and latex being the “cooler” materials. If you tend to run hot during the night or live in a warmer climate, these materials may be best for your comfort level. It's also important to look at the construction of the mattress material before purchasing. For instance, memory foam technology has improved greatly over recent years and not all cells are designed equal - research which type will work best for you!

4) Look for the right mattress size

Before you start shopping for a mattress, decide on the right size. The two most common sizes are queen and king, but other options are available such as dual XL or California King. Make sure to find out the dimensions of your mattress before selecting one to make sure it’ll fit in your bedroom. Additionally, consider how much room you will have for sheets and blankets with different mattress sizes.

5) Select between soft, medium, and firm mattresses

Mattresses are available in various materials, like coils, foam, memory foam, and latex. Each mattress type is categorized into three levels of firmness: soft, medium and firm. Soft mattresses are ideal for side sleepers because they provide adequate trace to the body’s contours. Medium mattresses offer balanced support and relief to your pressure points while firm mattresses provide extra back support but may feel too hard if you’re a side sleeper. Consider all factors before deciding on a mattress that suits your needs best.


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