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The Benefits Of A Mattress Foundation: What You Need To Know

A mattress foundation can be viewed as an investment, adding support and stability to a mattress that helps you get the most out of your sleep. In addition to improved posture and more breathability, these foundations also offer unparalleled durability and stability that can help protect your mattress against wear and tear over time.

Improve your posture

If you’re struggling with soreness in the morning, a mattress foundation can help promote better posture while you sleep. It elevates the mattress ever so slightly off of the floor, providing your spine with more support while lying down. This added spinal support can help reduce lower back and upper back pain, as well as neck and shoulder stiffness.


With an elevated mattress foundation, you will be able to enjoy better breathability. Mattresses still need ventilation in order to preserve their integrity and performance. An elevated mattress foundation allows air to circulate beneath the bed, creating a cooler sleeping surface. This can keep you cool and comfortable while you rest and ensure your mattress stays fresh and undamaged.

Durable support

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A mattress foundation is also incredibly durable, which makes it an excellent long-term investment. Since your bed will be firmly supported by the foundation and not directly on the floor or on a slatted base, it’s less likely to sag or develop indentations. This means that you can enjoy dependable comfort night after night and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

Easier setup of box springs and mattresses

A mattress foundation makes it easier to assemble box springs and mattresses together. Without a mattress foundation, you must place the box spring perpendicular to the floor and then lift the mattress on top of it. With a foundation, you can simply place the mattress on top and slide them together until they click into place. This prevents excess strain on your back during setup as well as prolonged assembly time.

Longer lasting comfort and quality sleep

The support that a mattress foundation provides is paramount for an improved sleeping experience. With a mattress foundation, you can enjoy the benefits of longer lasting comfort, as your mattress won't be affected by changes in temperature or humidity over time. Additionally, with added breathability and increased airflow, you'll be able to sleep at just the right temperature while reducing moisture build up. This combination leads to better quality sleep overall and reduced tossing and turning throughout the night. According to an article by Matthews Mattress: "Even the best mattresses need a strong foundation. No, it doesn’t need to be made out of bedrock, but it does need a strong support underneath it. Not only is this going to help the mattress in the long term, but a good foundation will help give you a better night of sleep, as well. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and by goose and gander we mean you and your mattress."


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