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Everything You Need To Know About The California King Mattress Size

If you want more space for sleeping, then a California King mattress is the perfect choice. Before making a purchase, it's important to understand this mattress type's size and how it might fit in your bedroom. This guide will cover all of the necessary information on California king-sized mattresses so you can make an informed decision.

What are the dimensions of a California king?

Unlike standard king-sized mattresses, which measure 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, California king beds measure 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. This gives the bed a significant amount more length for taller sleepers, making it ideal for people over 6 feet tall. Additionally, this mattress is noticeably narrower than a standard king-sized mattress and can help to maximize space in smaller bedrooms.

How is a California king mattress different from other mattress sizes?

A California King mattress offers more length than other mattress sizes, making it a great choice for tall people. It is also typically more affordable than other larger sizes, such as a standard King-sized mattress, since they require less material. Additionally, this size is ideal for smaller bedrooms as the slightly narrower width makes it easier to fit with existing furniture and positioning in a room. According to mattressadvisor.com: "Bed sizes can be a bit confusing. You might think that going up a size will always lead to an increase in the length or width of the bed, but sometimes it can result in an increase in one and a decrease in the other. While your sleeping space on either a king or California king will be greater than a queen, only one gives you extra length."

What are the benefits of owning a California king mattress?

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One of the main benefits of a California King mattress is extra sleeping space, making it an excellent choice for tall people who need more length. The California King size has 4 inches less width and 4 inches more length than a standard King-sized mattress. It’s also perfect for couples with much different heights since both partners can enjoy the same overall area, but each person gets adjusted to the length that suits them best. Finally, this mattress size is often times cheaper than other sizes and takes up less room in your bedroom because of its narrow width.

What type of bedding is needed for a California king mattress?

When you have a California King mattress, you will need special bedding to fit it. You'll need a California King-sized sheet set, comforter, duvet cover and mattress pad. Generally, these sizes are available from major retailers like Target and Walmart or specialty stores that carry larger sized products.

What can you fit in your bedroom room when you choose a California king size?

Choosing a California King mattress can help you maximize the space in your bed room. Since this mattress size measures 72 inches by 84 inches, you'll have enough room to fit two nightstands and place them on each side of the bed or two dressers across from one another. Plus, if needed, you can even add an extra-large headboard for additional storage.


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