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5 Tips For Finding The Best Twin XL Mattress

Shopping for a twin XL mattress can be overwhelming, with so many choices and prices to consider. Fortunately, our experts have five tips to help you find the perfect one that is comfortable, supportive, and well-priced. According to an article by Mattress Advisor: "The primary difference between a twin and twin XL mattress is five extra inches of length on the XL version. Twin mattresses are great for kids and small spaces, but they’re quite narrow for adults and certainly not ideal for couples."

1) Choose the right mattress type

When it comes to Twin XL mattresses, two main types are available — innerspring and foam. Innerspring mattresses tend to be more affordable and traditionally feature a supportive coil system. Foam mattresses provide greater comfort but may be more expensive than innerspring models. Consider your budget when selecting a mattress type, as well as any preference you may have between the two types.

2) Know your comfort preferences

An important factor to consider when looking for a new Twin XL mattress is your comfort level. Think about whether you prefer firm or soft mattresses and select one that works best with your body type, sleep position, and any health-related concerns. Using a mattress reviews website can provide valuable insight on the comfort levels of Twin XL models from different brands.

3) Check out firmness & support options

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When considering a Twin XL mattress, check out the different firmness and support options available. Keep in mind that a firm mattress is not necessarily better for everybody, as each person has their own preference. Look for mattresses that contain layers of different densities to provide the right amount of comfort and support. It can also help to read customer reviews on sleep websites like SleepLikeTheDead.com to find out what real people feel about the comfort levels of certain mattresses.

4) Consider foam and coil constructions

A Twin XL mattress can be constructed with either foam or coil. Foam mattresses typically provide great softness and comfort, but may not offer optimal support for heavier people over the long haul. Coil mattresses are a classic choice, offering good body contouring and weight distribution as well as greater durability than foam options. Before making your decision, make sure to test out both types to see which one feels more comfortable to you.

5) Check ratings & reviews before you buy

A good way to gauge what kind of mattress you’re getting is to check out customer ratings and reviews. Many brands offer customer reviews on their websites, or you can go to independent customer review websites. These provide an honest assessment of the product that customers actively use and feedback is often unfiltered which makes it difficult to be swayed by marketing language.


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